Password Recovery Tools

GSTECH File Password Unlocker Tools to recover password from excel, word, PST, RAR, ZIP & 7 ZIP files.


Future is uncertain so grab the early solution with GSTECH Password Recovery Software

When a user commenced new business then lots of things happens with him, like transactions, sending receiving messages via e-communication and so on. With all same things businessman expect benefits and provides customer satisfaction too.  Sometimes user faces hurdles while running business. He/She should be preparing for the coming problems in advance, because future is uncertain. You never know what situation can come and impact good or bad.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss about one particular issue facing with applications. Using applications to record data and email clients is best idea. Users puts password on almost important apps to make all safe from wrong people so that, other cannot operate it wrongly. But sometimes putting password is also become an issue for user when if it gets lost or forgets. It’s not possible manually to get back lost password, but guys it can be solved easily with variant of password recovery software availability in online market.

It’s better to have early solutions in advance for tackle with future issues

In this BLOG, we are discussing about the online solutions as Password Recovery Tools. Here we will explain multiple applications password recovery tools. For Example: Excel File Password Recovery, Word File Password Recovery, PST File Password Recovery, RAR File Password Recovery, ZIP File Password Recovery, 7 ZIP File Password Recovery.

Experience the Big Range of GSTECH Password Recovery Solution Now!

This is good idea to have these password Cracker Tools in advance. Yes it is a big idea to keep the solution before occurring problems. As I know GSTECH Password Recovery Programs are more useful and safe bucket of solutions. These all recoveries are possible with hi-tech GSTECH File Password Unlocker Solution definitely.

GSTECH Excel Password Unlocker to recover excel password. User can open locked excel file quickly. It’s compatible with almost versions of Excel from 97 to 2016.

GSTECH Word Password Unlocker to unlock locked word file. It can recover word password from almost word file versions from 97 to 2016

GSTECH PST Password Unlocker to crack PST password in all probable situations. Let’s obtain this tool whether from any PST version from 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 & 2000.

GSTECH RAR Password Unlocker to recover password from RAR file. Let’s reap up this tool now to crack RAR password immediately.

GSTECH ZIP Password Unlocker to know how to recover ZIP file password fast. Let’s get it now to unlock ZIP file password.


GSTECH 7 ZIP Password Unlocker to find 7ZIP password back to you. Get go for having such as excellent tool to recover password from 7ZIP locked file.

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Find the Best Path for EML to MSG Conversion

Get export all EML files into every version of MS Outlook from 97 to 2017

Compatible with almost emails clients such as Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, IBM Notes, IncrediMail, Gmail, Opera Mail and lots of more.

Get Recover EML to MSG now

As we all know it properly that EML file is an email message saved in MS Outlook with other database, which is very much essential to keep safe. But what will happen if suddenly, user will get lost his all data emails, obviously storm will come there as all working process related to email communication will stop immediately, but there can so many ways today’s when user can protect himself by recovering it back. Yes users, there is relevant way to recover all lost EML files by using a third party tool available online. Through which a user can rapidly convert EML each and every files from MS Outlook into MSG format.

What does mean EML to MSG?

Whenever an MS Outlook user becomes inaccessible to read and access his EML files then it becomes so much required to read EML either in new EML healthy format or in any other file format. There automatically a need arise when a user feels needy to get recover EML and transfer all EML files into MSG file format.

How to Convert EML to MSG

Yes it is frequently asked question by many users that how to recover EML to MSG? so I want to mention as an experienced user that earlier it was difficult to recover lost files easily, but nowdays in this rapid IT world,  It is so easier to migrate all EML emails with attachments into MSG format. You can have champion EML to MSG converter tool from internet. It will export each and every EML files swiftly.

In one shot I got GSTECH EML to MSG Retrieval Tool up to the mark as user required to accomplish the task. It never lets you down. It perfectly brings you out from the hurdle of EML files issue and permits to cope up with recovery process of EML safely. SO let read more below about GSTECH EML converter program to assure about it functionality.

Go with Qualitative GSTECH EML to MSG Converter

GSTECH EML Recovery Software is a fast and highly effective technology created by an efficient developer’s team. Who has been invented it after a long research and development. It is highly resultant in giving a definite and 100% safe outcome without let you down.


Yes definitely, knowing EML to MSG tools functionality properly it’s also essential to know whether GSTECH availability of FREE DEMO and low price FULL version qualitative tool or not, then friends answer is YES. Before making FULL version they made DEMO version because GSTECH was so much concern about users budget too, which encouraged them to create a FREE demonstration.

In DEMO of FREE EML to MSG, user will get full recovery of EML emails with attachments but also saving of 25 emails within MSG.

In FULL version user will have permission to get complete recovery along with complete saving of EML into MSG format. User will get it budget without investing a higher value.

Absolute Solution to Export EML to MSG

So eventually get rid of all your issues related to get back all emails from EML files. GSTECH platform is made for every EML user to make them relax after having a best EML to MSG tool within few times.


Password remover for word document(word password remover)

Forgot Word Password?

Want a Quick Word Password Remover?


Microsoft provided great utility to MS Office all application to get protect with password.

One side this is a just a bigger opportunity for all users to save their file database from going in wrong hands.

Out of which, MS word using with password is the perfect idea for all business as well non business users.

Other side putting password on users file sometimes proved worst especially when user forgot or lost his word file password by mistake, and become desperate to recover locked word file password.\


Why need a perfect MS Word File password remover?


Generally, these days each and every IT user is a MS Word user and avails password protected MS Word utility, which allows users to keep their data with safety,

but can you imagine what will happen, if suddenly you lost your password and become unable to open your word file then automatically your all work will stop,

this situation can ruin all the transaction to the business.

So to come out of such issue of losing word password,

user will definitely require a result oriented Word Password Recovery Software to re-open locked Word File, because user cannot recover doc file password manually.

May you find you password by searching from unlimited existed files in your location but it will just waste your time nothing else.

So instead of wasting your valuable time, just go ahead for a champion Third Party Tool to regain lost word file password.


How to Recover Word File Password Safely?


On the behalf of a survey here recommendation to use an experienced third party tool to overcome of the issue of recovering lost word file password.

Mean to say there are various online tools, out of which GSTECH Word Password Recovery Software is a 100% safe and quick way to retrieve word password back for all word users.

This tool does recovery easily runs on all MS word versions from 97 to 2016.

Download GSTECH FREE Word File Password Remover Tool- to recover starting 3 characters of the password at no cost.

Which makes user capable to guess password of locked word file means obviously user can remind the password with DEMO,

but if user will not be able to remind the password from these 3 characters also, then user will require purchasing low price tool from GSTECH.

2 Methods to recover lost/forgotten/Word Password


  1. Recover DOC File Password Manually

You can try all possible passwords you have in your record and view in any form, there is no limitation of trying passwords like special dates/ person name/ pet name which user usually puts on file.

It’s a time consuming but may be sometimes resultant.


  1. Install GSTECH MS Word Password Recovery Program now.


Secondly, you can recover DOCX file password in one shot only. User is just need to have an efficient third party tool and get started to process ahead like as;

  1. Install Word File Password remover Tool on your laptop/desktop.
  2. Browse the affected word file
  3. Select the correct recovery option as given in tool such as Brute Force/ Dictionary/ Mask Attack.
  4. Starting recovery process quickly.
  5. Get your file password and try it to open locked word file


Likewise, user will get definitely get password from protected locked word file and can continue the work again.



Quick process to break word file password in a very simplest form.

GSTECH MS Word password recovery software greatly helps MS Word user to remove any kind of password from their word file.

Most capable software always gives positive result to their user after unlocking word file.


Recover an excel password

Recover an excel Password within all MS Excel 97/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019



What to do to unlock Excel file password protected?


As we all know that Microsoft Excel is very much known application of MS Office to record important database.

It is widely used to save all essential databases. Because of being so much important, its mandatory to put password on it.

But where one side it provides a higher security to user’s excel file, on the other side, it can sometimes be harmful if user suddenly or accidentally lost or forgotten the password.

Here this software allows user to reopen excel file again by removing password from excel sheet.

It works in a proper manner and step by step given in software manuals. Here you will have perfect answer for your query as how to unlock Excel file to crack excel file quickly.


How to unlock forgotten Excel File password protected?

If user truly lost excel password then in today’s Microsoft world it’s not so much complicated to get back it by removing old password.

In that case, user needs to implement ace tool to unlock excel sheet file. As a matter of fact, to break excel password, you need not to have a technical knowledge.

It is not so much tough to re-open XLSX file. Applying GSTECH Excel Unlocker tool adopts a especial method to remove your excel file protection.

Here you can know easily how to get back excel password by GSTECH XLS unlocker. It’s not only open your locked excel file but also retains the originality of the excel file.

It never let you down by disturbing the excel file during processing of Excel Workbook Unlock software.


Take Steps to Unlock Excel from 97 to 2013 to open your Excel file again


GSTECH Excel Removal Tool makes you capable to retrieve old password from Excel Sheet which is lost already.

So if you really want to get back your excel password, then takes steps to open your XLS file;


1,Browse locked excel file first.

2,Recover excel password from locked excel sheet.

3,It has three methods as Brute Force/ Dictionary Attack/ Mask Attack, choose step wise.

4,Follow the steps instructed by the software.

5,Now press recovery button to unlock excel file password protected.

6,Excel file is unlocked.


3 Fast Methodologies with MS Excel Password Recovery Tool to recover an excel password


Here you will find 3 methods which are so easy to use and understand. Anybody can operate this tool without any technical knowledge.

One by one, all methods will be applied then definitely you will obtain back your lost excel password.

These methods works in a perfect manner like;


BRUTE FORCE ATTACK METHOD is most useful mechanism to search out password; it applies all probable combinations of password with constituents of alphabets, numeric, characters, space, symbols etc.

On one stage it can recover an excel password after such searching.

DICTIONARY ATTACK METHOD is also an efficient and less time consuming mechanism to solve issue of excel password recovery.

It choose all password written in default existed word list or from user given word list, and tries to bring out password from out of these list.

MASK ATTACK METHOD is effective mechanism to find out the password, it works when user has a guess of password as a first character.

Method will take it as a MASK and find password. It also deduct the time of processing.


Eventually Look Out for FREE DEMONSTRATION


Here you can have a look on demonstration of excel unlocking tool which makes you able to find password starting three characters. Just avail FREE Excel Cracker 5.0



Best Software OST to PST Converter

Is your OST file got corrupt?

Finding Solution how to Recover OST file?

Little bit “Confuse” which tool is “best for Ruined/Corrupted OST file?”

Are you stuck in all such stupid questions while searching the best software OST to PST converter then must say about GSTECH Software. The company has re-designed its smart OST to PST software for those OST users who finding answers to such silly questions.

First of all, know WHAT IS OST FILE? WHY RECOVER IT?

OST-it stand for OFFLINE STORAGE TABLE which contains a copy of #theExchange email environment? Now you think what does it means, So in simple words, OST File(.ost) is an offline folder file in MS Outlook. It is created when local ms outlook makes a connection with the Exchange server.

In this Offline folder, users can easily work offline without Exchange server connectivity and afterword whenever it comes in Exchange environment all changes will be done simultaneously

Secondly, Why need for its recovery?

Simply whenever some bad circumstances give the wong impact on our vital data then we need to get it back in a previous manner for further use. Or you can say some bad impressions will make us do the good recovery of our vital data instantly. This reason makes every user familiar with the best third-party tool to keeps their data safe and sound during the recovery process. So if you find such kind of software for the OST file then must say about the tool that gives you instant relief from your problems.

Now be familiar with GSTECH Software OST to PST Converter

The best tool in the online market is OST to PST Converter software that gives you one more chance to recover your corrupted OST file data inappropriate manner. Software is specially designed for instantly doing repairs corrupted OST files by fixing all issues. This tool keenly works on the corrupted environment of the OST file to make it in favorable condition. 

Now see how it possible with Software OST to PST Converter

Just simply execute this deserving Software OST to PST Converter tool at GSTECH Software websites. The tool offers you a good conversion platform through which you can enjoy multiple conversion options in one bundle. Firstly it scans your entire data from ruined OST file and then starts doing the recovery process to extract every stored item of OST mailbox

Afterward when it finished its recovery then you can see a fine preview of your OST mailbox items like- (EMAILS, Contacts, Task, Notes, Calendars journals Reminders, etc.) with retaining data or objects in readable and selecting mode.

The final lap of software OST to PST conversion process is to provide multiple options in which you want to save your recovered OST file data in PST, EML, MSG, and HTML too. In more aspects recovered, that OST contacts can transfer in .VCF format too also.

Let’s have some more points about this fabulous program

  • Repair tool for instant Recovery of OST file
  • Fix all issues and Allow user to open OST mailbox
  • Read single items of OST mailboxes like- EMAILS with its archives, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Calendars Journals, Reminders, etc.
  • this Software Exchange OST to PST converter tool nicely works on every supported OST file like- 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and also office 365 too.
  • Simple Execution process-based software
  • Gives multiple options to save your OST data in PST, EML, MSG, and HTML
  • OST contacts to .VCF format is also available


Get software as Free Demo from here:

Purchase this software from here:-



7z password recovery online free tool

The technique to recover lost or forgot 7z file password

Is your 7z file password got permanently locked and you have no idea how to open a locked 7z file without a password then as per recommendation GSTECH software has the best famous software named with 7z password recovery online free tool which effective option to recover lost or forgot password instantly. Tool carefully retrieves your lost or somehow you not able to recognize your exact password in just a few clicks.
Follow some steps and download 7z password recovery online free tool
* Firstly download GSTECH software from the website
* Second, right-click and click on run it as administrator.
* Third, follow all instructions given on the software framework.
* Then, select and browse your password-protected 7z file on the given software screen.
* Last, choose any one of the given methods by which you want to reveal your password like-BRUTE FORCE ATTACK, MASK ATTACK, and DICTIONARY ATTACK.

Fast and Energetic solution to Open locked 7z file

You will get a mind-blowing time set properties in the GSTECH 7z password recovery online free tool which allows the user to recover lost password in the least time period. Without any harmful condition, the user will do any kind of password recovery with this valuable solution. It is a full energetic solution that capably reads every value or integers of password like- Numeric, Alphabetic, special character and combination of all values, etc. The graphical user interface is too good and understandable for all kinds of users, no special knowledge is required. Easy to use its execution process assists to install and uninstall on every Windows platform. This free 7zip password recovery online tool sustains your file originality during the password retrieving process.

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WinRAR file password remover software 2019

Well! Password Recovery of RAR file with GSTECH win RAR File Password Remover Software 2019.

Need an instant help of permanently locked win RAR file or want an idea how to crack RAR file password?
The requirement of any password recovery, whenever the user has forgotten their password forever and only for that to remove such unpleasant condition the GSTECH Company offers the best WinRAR file password remover software 2019. With this excellent and updated 5.0 version software assistance, the user will able to know how to remove the password from the win RAR file. In a very exact situation without any disturbance user can able to open a locked RAR file and extract all stored values clearly for re-use.

No matter what you have stored in the RAR file like- any type of files (videos, images, documents, PDF file, etc) Software RAR file password recovery tool 2019 allows you to safely unlock a locked RAR file.

Updated and Advance Feature-based-GSTECH Winrar password cracker software

Topmost company GSTECH software has updated its software with some advanced feature that helps the user to make them free from password-protected problems forever. As we all know about the RAR file that it is used to make the large size file in a compact format so that users can maintain storage management in their systems. And also to keep their vital RAR file data secure the user usually puts some password on it. But some circumstances are fully responsible to create an unpleasant situation for RAR users in which they lost their password from their mind forever.

Recover RAR file password via best method

GSTECH WinRAR file password recovery software is a really safe and secure way to retrieve your lost or forgotten password.  In this updated version software the company has put some more excellent features to make this utility more convenient and fabulous for RAR users. Its amazing speed recovers the password of the RAR file in the least time period.

GSTECH RAR file password remover software 2019 successfully break your exact password by using advance techniques like-BRUTE Force Attack, Mask Attack, and Dictionary attack. These utmost software applications deeply scan your put password with full security. No matter what password you have put on your locked RAR file. It just does fast and simpler recovery of your NUMERIC, ALPHA-NUMERIC, ALPHABETIC, SPECIAL Character or whatever combination you have made.

A demonstration is successful tool to break RAR file password free.

Now you are thinking what is the demonstration? It’s nothing just allows you to take first look at the working strength of RAR file password remover software 2019. It has a nice ability to recover you are stored or put the password in just one shot by applying any available methods. Important aspects you have seen in this demo part that it works as similar to the full version but due to some restriction, it will allow you to see only the first character of your lost password.

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How to recover pst password in outlook 2016

Good tool for PST password recovery

Finding a suitable solution for your locked PST file?
As we all know that Password protection is very vital for any document whether documents are any type. Important is only protection of data but most of the time some circumstances arise in which the user is helpless to remove protection from their password-protected file.

Firstly-Should we know about……

what is the PST file?
PST stands for -PERSONAL STORAGE TABLE. It is an extension of MS outlook file
which is created when the user saves the outlook file.

Why user use PST file

Whenever the user wants to create an email communication environment on their system this PST file helps them to do so. MS Outlook is used to send and receive emails with any other configuration. A good tree structure like hierarchy is developed in this PST file with such default folders- Inbox, Outbox, Sent items, Delete items, Journals, Reminders, Calendars, etc. With is mail properties user can easily update its vital information from any other part of the country.

Need for protection on the PST file?
If a company is used the email communication process, Of couse its protection is on higher priority because it saved all the vital information of the company on a mail server. So to protect their mails data user put some hard kind of password on their created PST file so that nobody can easily remove it.

Now question is why to recover PST password via third party tool

Everybody knows about MS Outlook and its other functional properties available for a hard time. It is not necessary that every outlook users have a piece of knowledge about each property. So it becomes very hectic for non-technical users when they forgot their PST file password from their mind or any other cause, and don’t have enough knowledge on how to make its recovery through available inbuilt utilities of MS outlook and make a plan to switch on best third party tool.

Let’s More Clear about……ALL SUCH QUERIES TOO..


Yes, THIRD-PARTY TOOL IS the best option whenever you truly don’t have an idea how to recover it manually. Most probably via tool user can easily crack their lost password in some simple clicking. And if you talking about file security, it is too safest mode never harm your internal stored items.


There are bundles of software are available in the online market and all are capable to crack you’re lost or forgot a password. In which GSTECH PST password recovery is one of the finest tool which provides smooth recovery of exact password without any hurdles. This highly developed software systematically goes through with your lost PST file password and shows the exact values by applying any one of the available techniques.

Let’s elaborate more on it?

  • Deep scanning process based
  • Work only recovery of password
  • no matter how much your password strength
  • Successfully reveal PST outlook password any kind of values like- NUMERIC (142495656), ALPHABETIC (asdABasdf) both case sensitive or caps, ALPHA-NUMERIC ( 2345Dsdfs), SPECIAL CHARACTER (asdf^87343*&) etc.
  • Three Methodology is used to recover lost 2016 PST file password-



Ideally, every software has some simple proceeding steps of working So, just follow them and get an answer on how to recover PST Password in Outlook 2016

Firstly download an GSTECH PST Password Recovery software from available link

Just install this program on the available specified requirements


  • Minimum 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 50 MB for software installation
  • Pentium II 400 MHz Processor

Afterword go to the program window and open GSTECH PST Password Recovery Software